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Bugs Army! [Free Shooter Game]

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"Bugs Army!" is a free defensive shooter game from Kuma the Bear, the publisher of popular games including "PopCork!"and "What's Up? Zombie!".Repel the various bugs invading the house by attacking with weapons!No registration required, and it is easy to play! You can start playing anytime and anywhere!In a calm afternoon, fearsome bugs started attacking a peaceful household!!They indulge in ransacking the house... The bugs must be stopped, or the house will fall into their hands!It was then, Giffle, an action figure decorated on a desk, came to life...To protect the peace of the house, rise together with Giffle!"Bugs Army!" is simple to play.To attack the approaching bugs, you just need to move the main weapon transversely!Defeat hordes of bugs one after another!As you clear the stages, you can get new main weapons.When you are in trouble with a large number of bugs, use the sub-weapon!Slide it towards the target you wish to attack. The powerful attack repels the bugs immediately.The sub-weapon can be charged over time, and once it is fully charged, it is available for an attack!There are 5 sub-weapons in total with different effects. You can equip up to 3 of them, so find a good, effective combination and defeat the bugs. You can get mystic "Stones" after defeating bugs. You need them to upgrade your attack parameters and sub-weapons, so collect them by defeating as many bugs as possible. You can get the "stones" even if you fail to clear a stage. However strong the bugs are, do not give it up and fight against them to collect the "Stones". Because they are crucial in clearing the game.There are 12 types of bugs. Fleas, bees, spiders, woodlice, even that gruesome boss of bugs...!!Advance through the stages by defeating hordes of bugs, and repel the 3 types of boss bugs to reclaim the peaceful home!《Recommended features of "Bugs Army!"》- No complicated control. Just tap and slide to move the auto firing gun transversely to attack and enjoy the game!- It is exciting and absorbing to defeat the hordes of bugs!- When you defeat large numbers of bugs at once with a sub-weapon, the effect is exhilarating.- The in-game sound effects and BGMs create a sense of presence!- Though the bugs are enemies, they are kind of cute and attractive!Play "Bugs Army!", a unique defensive shooter game, now!

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