Build Confidence


We combine visualization and relaxation with positive messages to help you increase your motivation and confidence. As a BONUS we included techniques to overcome any obstacles you may encounter on the way to your goal. Additionally, these very specific and powerful techniques will give you the tools to empower you so that difficult people or situations do not disturb your inner peace.This recording includes:1) Introduction2) Guided meditation3) Visualize success4) Build confidence & self-esteem5) BONUS: Overcome obstacles6) Wake up or sleep endingVisualize. Relax. Improve.Download Visulax® Success & Confidence* now!*Motorola App Verified Bug Freekw: law of attraction, secret, deep sleep aidPlease Note: The recording is in English. App completely downloads to your device so you don’t need a network or internet connection to use the app. We are not affiliated with Andrew Johnson, Darren Marks, Meditation Oasis or any other hypnotherapist or hypnosis apps.

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