Bumblebee Race Adventure


Bumblebee Race, the most amazing obstacle racing game! A big bumblebee is dodging cars, mischievous flies and other obstacles. More tasks for you to get gold awards. Weather and time are changeable with different sceneries.Super HD graphics must impress your eyes!Very exciting! Bumblebee Race, you must have it in your phone!Game Story:Being big and heavy the bumblebee does not enjoy making its way among grass blades, rocks and trees. It enjoys flying in vast spaces, which offer much room for its big body, and the bumblebee can even take a nap during the flight. Now he finds itself on a highway. Oh no! No chance for taking a nap here!Its life depends on its own agility and intelligence! Neither big nor small cars take notice of the bumblebee flying towards them. Pay attention to the annoying flies, they will mislead our love bumblebee

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