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***FREE TO DOWNLOAD AND COMES WITH ONE FREE BURNER*** Burner provides disposable phone numbers at the push of a button. Make calls and send texts from temporary phone numbers. Receive calls, texts and voicemails on your Burner disposable phone numbers. Find a number in any area code. ***Need help? Contact with questions Named one of TIME Magazine's Top 10 Apps of 2012 and featured in Wired Magazine, Engadget, BoingBoing, Uncrate, Lifehacker, and many more.★ "Burner has you covered!" -GigaOm★ "Think of this like a fake mustache. For your cell phone." UrbanDaddyUse Burner temporary phone numbers just as you would your regular phone number. All burners include:✓ One free Burner✓ Incoming and outgoing voice calls✓ Incoming and outgoing text messages✓ Voicemail✓ Earn free credits for inviting your friendsBurner is perfect for any time you want to keep in touch, but may not want to give out your personal, private phone number. Temporary phone numbers are ideal for:✓ Dating✓ Job searches or multiple business lines✓ Short-term projects✓ Doctors, lawyers, teachers, and other professionals✓ Craigslist (buying or selling)✓ Social networks (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Foursquare, etc.)What users are saying about Burner - Disposable Phone Numbers:★★★★★ “Saved me from having to buy a separate phone.”★★★★★ “GREAT, FABULOUS, AWESOME APP!”★★★★★ “Protects my privacy and lets me communicate.”TEMPORARY PHONE NUMBERS• Find a number in any area code• Create multiple phone numbers• Easily name each one so you can keep track of its purpose (e.g. “Craigslist”)• Quickly share your number via social networks or emailSTAY IN TOUCH• Access your address book from Burner• Manage SMS and ringer notifications for each burner• View and manage history for all your burnersSTAY PRIVATE• Callers will only ever see your disposable phone number• “Burn” your disposable phone number at the click of a button• Burned numbers instantly go out of service and are deleted from your phone• Reverse lookups on your disposable phone numbers will not lead back to your infoEARN FREE CREDITS AND BURNERS• Share your referral code with your friends• For every friend that signs up using your code, you'll earn credits and they will too!+++PRICING+++ Burner options: • SAMPLE BURNER (Available once) - 1 day or 5 voice or 15 text (FREE)• Mini Burner - 7 days or 20 voice or 60 texts (3 credits) • Standard Burner - 30 days or 50 voice or 150 texts (5 credits) • Large Burner - 30 days or 90 voice or 270 texts (8 credits) • Long Burner - 60 days or 75 voice or 225 texts (8 credits) Burner extension optons: • Add 30 days or 50 voice or 150 texts (5 credits) • Add 90 days or 90 minutes or 270 texts (10 credits) • Add 60 voice or 180 texts (5 credits) Cost of credits: • 3 Credits = $1.99 • 8 Credits = $4.99 • 15 Credits = $7.99 • 25 Credits = $11.99

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