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On SALE!! SAVE 50% OFF for a limited time!ButlerSMS is an auto sms response system. This is a very convenient widget that resides on your home screen. There is no need to run an application. It offers easy access to turn on and off the widget. Please text responsibly! NEW Features:* Added CarDock Mode - When your phone is plugged in to a car dock, ButlerSMS will turn on automatically.* Silent Mode - When your phone's ringer is turned to silent, ButlerSMS will prompt you to turn it on.* Timer - A timer to automatically turn ButlerSMS off when it expires.* Added GPS Locator service - A password is set when this service is enabled. SMS senders that know the password can send it in an SMS and will receive a reply with your current location. (GPS must be enabled)* Added blacklisting. Phones in this list will not receive a auto reply from ButlerSMS.* Voice Reply - Use this to reply to SMS messages using your voice. (TTS must be enabled)* Personalized responses - Users can now set a response to a phone number and that response will only go to that number.* Tri-modes - ButlerSMS now has 3 modes. Normal, Movie and Drive mode. * Movie mode - Places your phone in to vibrate mode automatically for you.* Added application - Now you have two choices to use ButlerSMS. Use the widget on your home screen or the application in your apps drawer.More features to come!!Features include:Auto responds to sms messagesCustom responses that you can save for laterCustom responses that you don't have to save if you don't want to.Text to speech - It will read your sms messages to you.Contact look up - for use when text to speech is enabled. It will read the name of the contact if it is stored in your phone book.This is an exciting update to our previous application "NoText". Any one that currently has paid for NoText can purchase this widget, then email us your name that is attached to your gmail using the developer email link and we will refund the purchase price. That's right, if you previously purchased NoText, you get ButlerSMS FREE! Keywords: SMS text butler message drive auto response reply widget speech contact responder gps location application

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