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DeveloperIdael Banderas
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This application allows you to manage your shopping (buying) lists.» Simple and easy to use, so you get up and running quickly» Multi-language: currently supports English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), German, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Ukrainian, Korean» Products are organized by categories» Fresh installers will get more than 100 products in database» Export/Import database» Now you can "synchronize" the database with your spouse, children, friends... whoever you want! There's no reason they can't have your list!» You can create as many categories, lists & products as you want» You have the possibility to indicate a default price to products, which can be used if you do not want to indicate it later when adding to the list» It's possible to add notes, besides quantity, price and unit to the product» The application will auto-complete products names as you type» An HTML formatted email can be sent to a contact, allowing you to pick up the correct email when the contact has various» Lists can be exported to SD so you can save to PC or do whatever you want with it» Categories can be sorted out, so you can sort your list as you wish» Automatic list cost calculator» Add products directly from its list to the buying list of you choice» Customize the way products show up in lists through preferences» Scan product codes, search for it on internet and add it to the list if found. Besides, a list of possible shopping places are shown.

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