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This app requires the C-Pen Core scan&OCR app (also available on Market) & a Bluetooth enabled C-Pen 3.5 text scanner (check www.cpen.com).Start C-Pen TTS, scan any text into the app and listen to it! C-Pen TTS uses Android system speech engine, for best experience use SVOX Classic engines and SVOX voices.Perfect reading aid for dyslexic or visually impaired people.Students use the C-Pen as a digital highlighter and extract important paragraphs in text books when studying, and listen to it at any time. Combining visual and audio based learning optimizes your result!Key features:1. Save scanned text2. Listen to scanned text3. Speaks line by line as you scan or whole paragraph at once once you finished scanningNOTE:SVOX Classic engine and related voices is recommended for most natural speech.Keywords: c-pen, cpen, svox, tts, translationAnd.. It’s FREE!Report any issues to: support@cpen.com

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