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Complete C language programming reference from cheat sheets and quick reference cards, to primer language programming tutorials, complete reference, code style industry recommendations, advanced pointer tutorials and more.Use the possibilities the mobile brings you, allowing to study or check anything you want on the go. Don't waste time on transportation, use your mobile and study and check anything you want.----------------------------------------SD Installation supportPERMISSIONS:============Why READ_PHONE_STATE / CHECK_LICENSE permissions?The application verifies it has been been purchased using google licensing library (CHECK_LICENSE). Google recommends to use the telephone identifier (READ_PHONE_STATE) to avoid piracy. Not used for anything else.********CONTENTS********Quick Reference Card I:=======================+Program Structure/Functions. C Preprocessor. Data Types/Declarations. Initialization. constants. Pointers, Arrays & Structures. Operators. Flow of Control. ANSI Standard Libraries. Character Class Tests. String Operations+Input/Output. Variable Argument Lists. Standard utility Functions. Time and Date Functions. Mathematical Functions. Integer Type Limits. Float Type Limits+Compilation. Lexical structure, preprocessor. Literals. Character and string escapes. Declarations. Types. Initialisation. Operators. Statements+C library functions. stdlib.h. stdio.h. ctype.h. string.h. math.h. Common programming patterns.The Development of the C Language:==================================+Author: Dennis M. Ritchie. Explains the history of the C Language.C Programming Tutorial:=======================+Reserved Words. Libraries. Comments. Functions. Variables. Parameters. Preprocessor. Pointers. Standard Output and Input. Expressions and operators. Decisions. Loops. Arrays. Strings and much more.The C Library Reference Guide:==============================+Eric Huss. Full reference of the C language.C Reserved Identifiers:=======================+List of Reserved of Identifiers and Safety Tips when choosing definitionsIndian Hill C style and Coding Standards:=========================================+Set of coding standards and recommendationsNotes on Programming C by Rob Pike:===================================+Set of coding standards and recommendationsC Standard Library:===================+Libraries: assert.h, ctype.h, errno.h, float.h, limits.h, locale.h, math.h, setjmp.h, signal.h, stdarg.h, stddef.h, stdio.h, stdlib.h, string.h and time.hThe GNU Reference Manual:=========================+This is a reference manual for the C programming language as implemented by the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays:================================+Chapter 1. What is a pointer?+Chapter 2. Pointer types and Arrays+Chapter 3. Pointers and Strings+Chapter 4. More on strings+Chapter 5. Pointers and Structures+Chapter 6. Some more on Strings, and Arrays of Strings+Chapter 7. More on Multi-Dimensional Arrays+Chapter 8. Pointers to Arrays+Chapter 9. Pointers and Dynamic Allocation of Memory+Chapter 10. Pointers to FunctionsKeywords: c programming, c language, programming, c reference, c manual

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