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iRiO's retro C64Rush Live Wallpaper is so insanely hefty that you may never have to eat again. All you have to do is stare at your android 2.1+ screen and absorb the 8-bit commodore 64 love radiating from this unbelievably advanced piece of hot, sexy code. But seriously. Monkey see monkey get: - 46 different commodore 64 game backgrounds smoothly interpolating linearly. You know. Like fading into each other and stuff. - About 18 different characters from various C64 games battling it out. Different health, tactics etc. - Tinted background for romantic ambience, such as live day/night or static gradients such as "pink puke" or "white whatever". - Ability to play an allmighty deity: add / kill off characters by touching the screen - The amazing ability to change some not-so-very-interesting settingsIn general, this app should be perfect for either your sixteen-year old daughter, Scarlet Johansson or any 30+ nerdy guy with BMI > 28 WARNING: If you buy and use this app you might be classified as a nerd. Then again, what does that make me?

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