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Cabals Trading Card Game (TCG)

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" Top 5 MMO card game in the world. "Award winning MMORPG Trading Card Game, combines the best of chess and collectible card games (CCG), creating the best crossplatform card and board MMO Strategy TCG available for Android and iOS.Cabals: The Card Game is a strategy MMO Trading Card Game (TCG). JOIN NOW AND RECEIVE A FREE WELCOME PACKDownload now and receive a free welcome pack: Starter Deck of your choice and free influence!EPIC TRADING CARD GAME Cabals: The Card Game takes the best of trading card games and board games, and combines them for a unique game that is easy to pick up, and fun to master. Expand your card collection, discover new strategies and combos.ONLINE AND OFFLINE Pit your skills against single player challenges and online opponents. Ranking system, clever matchmaking, and global leaderboards guarantee excellent online gaming experience. UNMATCHED VARIETY Experience the different ways to win. Six cabals with their distinct playing styles, and set of over 160 different high quality cards. REGULAR UPDATES Regular updates introduce new cards and new features, keeping Cabals: The Card Game always evolving, and constantly fresh. ORIGINAL ART AND MUSIC Explore the original game world of Cabals: The Card Game, brought to life by the stunning art and charming soundtrack.4/5 "Smart, Sexy And Exotic" -Touch Arcade 4/5 "The cross-platform features generally work well and it offers a lot of content at a low entry fee. The tactical play is a great direction to take deck building and makes the game about more than chaining combos." - BoardGameGeek"... anybody who enjoys card games should get a kick out of Cabals, especially given it’s very detailed card designs." - DIY Gamer"TOP 5 FREE MMO CARD GAME" - GametheoryonlineCustomer Reviews: "Awesome game - Art is spectacular, also the atmosphere is thick. Good gameplay and unique ccg." "Hex meets TCG - A solid app store gem, and possibly a bit overlooked. I have played (close to) all of the app store TCGs, and have yet to find one that beats out Cabals. Take a Hex strategy game and spice it up with a bit of MtG flavoring and you will get Cabals. A must play for any Hex or TCG fan." "Best tcg - This is my favorite game right now. I love the use of a game board and the art, the world and the music are all great." "Solid CCG and Strategy Game - Can't speak for the card balance, but the game does not disappoint and is rather fun to play. Good combination of strategy board game and CCG. With the free download I was able to build a fairly decent initial deck.""Deep Game - Most likely deeper than mtg, awesome art, nuff said.""5/5 for concept and implementation - This concept (TCG+board game) is fantastic. It has not been explored on the iPhone for the most part, and where it has, has fallen short.Not so with Cabals.""Excellent card battle game. ""For all TCG and board game lovers - Interesting mechanics, awesome flavor and high polish. Definitely worth the download.""Excellent Card Game for iOS - Now, I can play this game anywhere I want. How cool is that :).What I like about this the most is the hybrid of the card game and chess. This makes the game much more interesting.Great job."In the past we were working for Universomo (THQ) developing: Star Wars: Cantina Dash, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010, Treasure Grab, Indiana Jones and the Lost Puzzles, Up, Prison Tycoon, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Wall-E, Pass The Pigs, Chop Sushi!, Super Fruitfall, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, de Blob, Puzzle Quest: Warlords, Playboy Pool Party, Snood Blaster, Ratatouille: Cheese Rush, Destroy All Humans! Crypto Does Vegas, MX vs ATV Untamed, Juiced 2, Stuntman Ignition, Ocean's 13, Emergency Mayhem, 300: The Mobile Game, Lego Star Wars II, Stones of Khufu, Destroy All Humans! 2, Rollercoaster Rush, BIONICLE Heroes, Juiced Eliminator, Bounce Out, Habbo Creatures, Habbo Dreams, LEGO Star Wars, Star Wars Battle Above Coruscant, Sumo Smash!, Jumbo Rumble

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