Cable Color Coder


*******************NEW LOW PRICE!!!!!!************************Cheapest cable app with calculator on the market*********New and Improved! Copper Pair Calculator*****************The only Fiber Strand Calculator on the market******A quick and easy way to identify copper and cable color codes that is always at your fingertips. With the all new copper pair calculator, you can quickly determine the pair of any cable including spliced cables that do not start at pair 1! Provides a quick interface to determine 25 pair color code, binder groups and super units. Also included is the 12 strand fiber color code. When trying to terminate jacks or patch cords TIA/EIA 568 A & B terminations are also available. This will allow you to terminate any jack or patch cord you come across. You will be able to make any Cat5 or Cat6 patch cord you want. You will also be able to make a crossover cable. To make a crossover cable patch cord just terminate one end 568 A and the other 568 B. The app also covers "house" cable, this is the red/green yellow/black cable that you typically find in your home. You should be able to identify any telecommunications or telephone cable pair with this app. The APWA standard uniform color code is also includedIf you have any issues please e-mail me before leaving negative feedback.

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