Cache Download to SD (root)


CacheDownload2SD will bind the ROM /cache/download folder to SD Card, so for the ROM /cache/download activity will use SD Card free space. THIS APPLICATION IS FOR ROOT DEVICE ONLY. You need to allow the SuperUser privilege to run this application. Without the SuperUser privilege, this application cannot bind and activate the move process to SD Card. DISCLAIMER: It is made available for use at your own risk with no warranty of any kind. If you love this application, you may donate by clicking this link This application is useful if you have a minimum ROM size (like my ZTE N880 BLADE CDMA with 512MB ROM size and with only 36MB free space of ROM /cache folder).With this application, you can download from Google Play Store the application that have size more than your actual hardware ROM /cache folder size ie. I can download Angry Bird Star Wars on my ZTE N880.Tips: For check the /cache/download size, you need a terminal emulator by typing dfThis application is FREE and will always be FREE.CacheDownload2SD 100% ads free. It’s cost me US$25,00 for publishing this application to Google Play :)so please rate and review wisely, and please read this description first before rate and review. Thank you.If you love this application, you may donate by clicking this link PLEASE NOTE:Try to make running in any ROM that missing export DOWNLOAD_CACHE with no ROM /cache/download folder build in (I hope will work, but not sure 100% for ROM without /cache/download folder build in and missing export DOWNLOAD_CACHE). If your device missing export DOWNLOAD_CACHE and/or with no ROM /cache/download folder build in and this application is not working on your device because as describes, please do not give this application with low rating. Thank you.If you don’t know what a ROOTED device is, you can find a pretty good explanation here: []If your device not ROOTED, please do not give this application with low rating because of this application cannot run it on unroot devices. Thank you.***** give me five, 5 stars please, cache download to sd, cache download to sdcard, sdcard, sd card, gejos, gunawidjaja joseph, GEJOS is my nickname, INDONESIA tanah air beta, I love INDONESIA *****

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