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Put A Smile On Everyone's Face With Unforgettable Meals Bursting With Authentic Cajun And Creole Flavors!Have you ever savored a fantastic Creole etoufee?Have you enjoyed bignets and chicory coffee in the morning?Do you know how to create a shrimp boil with a scent that will make everyone salivate?Can you dress a Po' Boy, make the perfect roux and use okra in a way that even the kids will love?If you answered anything other than YES to all of those questions, you need to keep on reading. There's a whole world of fantastic dishes and flavors down in Louisiana that you need to learn more about.From Cajun chow in Breaux Bridge to Creole specialties in New Orleans, folks in Louisiana know how to eat. In a world of homogenized dining in which every city is littered with chain restaurants serving up boring, play-it-safe meals from photocopied menus, Louisiana distinguishes itself. They've stayed true to themselves. They serve up King Cake with a tiny baby doll hidden inside. They transform fried fish and standard baguettes into unforgettable sandwiches. Louisiana is gumbo, jambalaya, etoufee, crayfish, shrimp, and the "Holy Trinity" of aromatics sauteeing in a cast iron skillet.It's real food. And it's real good.A Louisiana kitchen can serve great meals from two fascinating cultures. The flavors are unique without seeming foreign or strange. The meals are spicy and flavorful without being tongue-burners. And it isn't that hard to learn how to prepare these classics, either. In fact, most of the great food you'll find in a Louisiana kitchen isn't too complicated. This book covers all of the classics and it does it the right way. It gives you more than an ingredient list and basic instructions. It takes you by the hand and marches you through the preparation process step-by-step.Cajun and Creole Cookbook will turn you into a world-class Louisiana cook in the blink of an eye. Here is what you will learn inside...★ The secret to the perfect pain perdu (aka French toast)★ The right way to make a roux and why it matters★ The difference between a muffaletta and a po' boy and how to make both★ The secret to a mouth-watering efoutee★ How to make a King Cake that will bring a smile to even the exhausted Mardis Gras reveler★ The secrets of Cajun and Creole kitchens that have been handed down from one generation to the next★ and much, Much More!Cajun and Creole Cookbook is the shot in the arm your cooking needs. You can turn meal time into something special again. You can bring some excitement, something new and real flavor into your life.*** On Sale Now! (Normal Price $19.99) ***Get it now before promotion ends!

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