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Calcula = THE CALCULATOR ... but not limited to the calculator. Calcula is not a scientific calculator. Calcula is a tool 'all-in-one': instead of having 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 applications that serve as 'technical means' we have only one: Calcula, indeed!So, what is and what makes Calcula?. calculator with the 4 operations, percentage, square root, exponentiation of x, a fraction of 1, form, and factor accumulation and subtraction in memory ... what they do all the calculators, some (not quite all, actually!). storing the list of all the transactions like a roll of paper with its zoom. button to cancel last input CI, C key to cancel the entire operation and key 'tearing paper' to delete all memorized transactions. selection of the number of decimal places, from 0 to 5, with which to develop. currency conversion online, in real time and then, leaning on a free service of common good (the result can be integrated in the operation in progress). conversion between many units of measurement: length, weight, volume, area, etc.. (The result can be integrated in the operation in progress). conversion between different number systems: decimal, octal, hexadecimal and binary (the result, of course decimal) can be integrated in the operation in progress). calculating perimeter, area and volume of many geometric shapes with a list of requests for images and input context to the figure (within the perimeter of the circle or to calculate the volume of the cylinder, or more or less according to your traps, etc..)(The result can be integrated in the operation in progress). expression processing up to 26 variables and many functions available, such as cos, sin, tan, etc.. (The result can be integrated in the operation in progress). development of algebraic proportions of the type: b = x: c-fit of the 3 known values ​​and the processing of the result in 4 combinations (the result can be integrated in the operation in progress). generation of random numbers indicating the amount of numbers to be generated and the minimum and maximum limits (ability to select whether the numbers generated should all be different or with repetitions). elaborations of summations, differences between dates with even numbers add or subtract days. elaboration of summations, differences between zones with even add or subtract a preset time. stopwatch with lap times list the possibility of. flashlight (beam) with a selection of different colors. in cm and inch ruler, and color-changing background and calibration lines for even better viewing of the backlit. compass needle or rotary dial with digital indication of the degree. level graphics and digital indication of the degree of vertical tilt and horizontal. selection if it beeps when you press any buttons or voice with repetition of numbers typed and conducting operations in. ability to change the background color. appropriate option for the configuration settings. Detailed help on all aspects. Calcula the program is released with 2 screens, others are making and will be issued free of charge even after the purchase) to have more or fewer buttons then more or less the same size buttons. In version 1.1.00 there are 2 screens: the no. 0 with all the buttons available, some with 2 or 3 functions enabled via special button shift, the no. 1 instead of the calculator and all transactions with a button that serves as a menu to call up all the other functions.. all the screens are operated by the minimum resolution is 320x480 portrait or landscape (480x320). ON / OFF switch!The program is released in Italian, English

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