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Calculator++ is an advanced, modern and easy to use scientific calculator #1. Calculator++ helps you to do basic and advanced calculations on your mobile device.Discuss Calculator++ on Facebook: 1. Always check angle units and numeral bases: trigonometric functions, integration and complex number computation works only for RAD!!!2. Application contains ads! If you want to get rid of them purchase special option from application settings. Internet access permission is needed only for showing the ads. ADS ARE ONLY SHOWN ON THE SECONDARY SCREENS! If internet is off – no ads! Features:++ easy to use++ home screen widget+ no need to press equals button anymore – result is calculated on fly+ smart cursor positioning+ copy/paste in one button+ landscape/portrait orientations ++ drag buttons up or down to use special functions, operators etc++ modern interface with possibility to choose themes+ highlighting of expressions+ history with all previous calculations and undo/redo buttons++ variables and constants support (build-in and user defined)++ complex number computations+ support for lots of functions++ expression simplification: use ‘identical to’ sign (?) to simplify current expression (2/3+5/9?11/9, ?(8)?2?(2)) + support for android 1.6 and higher + open source NOTE ABOUT INTERNET ACCESS: Calculator++ (ver. 1.2.24) contains ad which requires internet access. To get rid of it – purchase version without ad (can be done from application’s preferences).FAQHow can I get rid of the ads?You can do it by purchasing the special option in the main application preferences.Why Calculator++ needs INTERNET permission?Currently application needs such permission only for one purpose – to show ads. If you buy the special option C++ will never use your internet connection.How can I use functions written in the top right and bottom right corners of the button?Push the button and slide lightly up or down. Depending on value showed on the button action will occur.How can I toggle between radians and degrees?To toggle between different angle units you can either change appropriate option in application settings or use the toggle switch located on the 6 button (current value is lighted with yellow color).Also you can use deg() and rad() functions and ° operator to convert degrees to radians and vice versa.Examples:268° = 4.6774830.21° = 0.52726rad(30, 21, 0) = 0.52726deg(4.67748) = 268Does C++ support %?Yes, % function can be found in the top right corner of / button.Examples:100 + 50% = 150100 * 50% = 50100 + 100 * 50% * 50% = 125100 + (100 * 50% * (25 + 25)% + 100%) = 150Note:100 + (20 + 20)% = 140, but 100+ (20% + 20%) = 124.0100 + 50% ^ 2 = 2600, but 100 + 50 ^ 2% = 101.08 Does C++ support fractional calculations?Yes, you can type your fractional expression in the editor and use ? (in the top right corner of = button). Also you can use ? to simplify expression.Examples:2/3 + 5/9 ? 11/92/9 + 3/123 ? 91/369(6-t) ^ 3 ? 216 – 108t + 18t ^ 2 – t ^ 3Does C++ support complex calculations?Yes, just enter complex expression (using i or ?(-1) as imaginary number). ONLY IN RAD MODE!Examples: (2i + 1) ^ = -3 + 4ie ^ i = 0.5403 + 0.84147iCan C++ plot graph of the function?Yes, type expression which contains 1 undefined variable (e.g. cos(t)) and click on the result. In the context menu choose ‘Plot graph’.Does C++ support matrix calculations?No, it doesn’tKeywords: calculator++ calculator ++ engineer calculator, scientific calculator, integration, differentiation, derivative, mathematica, math, maths, mathematics, matlab, mathcad, percent, percentage, complex numbers, plotting graphs, graph plot, plotter, calculation, symbolic calculations, wolfram, widget, WolframAlpha, Wolfram|Alpha, Wolfram Alpha

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