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1)Blacklist: If phone numbers are mentioned in BlackList, these numbers are under restrictions (these numbers cant Come & Go), defined in Profile Setting.2)Whitelist: If phone numbers are mentioned in WhiteList, these numbers are not under restrictions (these numbers can Come & Go),Numbers which are not in WhiteList are blocked, defined in Profile Setting.3)Set Active Profile: You can select either 'None', 'BlackList','WhiteList'. Once selected all (defined in Profile Setting) Calls&SMS are under restriction. No restriction for 'None'.4)Logs: Gives you the actions taken by the software for Incomming & Outgoing. Logging can be avoided if you deselect 'Log Blocked Call & SMS' in Profile Settings.5)Wildcard usage of '*'	*123     means, Action will be taken on number ending with 123.	123*     means, Action will be taken on number starting with 123.	*123*   means, Action will be taken, if 123 is found anywhere in the number.	Note: Its recomended to use '*123*' mode by avoiding the country code, like *9876543210*, or *64575* etcOthers: This software doesnot have any services running to look for calls & SMS.Software will get activated only when ther is a Call or SMS, So Battery usage is very optimized.

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