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If you go on lots of conference calls, this simple one click app is for you. When you click the app, it will search through your calendar for current or upcoming meetings, get conference call details, such as phone number and access code, and then it will call your meeting, providing the correct access IDs, or conference numbers, so you don’t have to. Instructions: - When it’s time for your call, click on the App - A ‘settings’ option will be presented for 2 seconds - Either ignore it, or click to change any settings - The App will search your calendar for a current con call - The App will automatically dial the con call - The App will provide all dialling info as neededThat's it, one click, and you're connected to your conference call. No more writing down phone numbers and access codes on sticky notes, no more memorizing conference ID numbers, no more going back and forth between your calendar app to your phone app, trying to memorize long number combinations. Even more importantly, while driving, this app will allow you to keep your eyes on the road, where they belong. Your loved ones will want you to get this app!If you select the settings menu, you can choose whether you prefer to dial Toll or Toll-Free numbers, or whether you want to add any dialling strings at the beginning of the call. You can even change the time range to look for meetings, for example, the default '14 minute' option will let the app know you prefer to look for a meeting anytime from 7 minutes ago, to 7 minutes from now.You can change settings once, or anytime you use the app, it’s up to you.This app currently works with many global Conference call providers as soon as you install it. Get on that bridge fast, and with no hassles!This is a free trial it will expire after 10 uses, so remember to use it wisely, and if you like the app, rate it, and buy the full version for unlimited uses.

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