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CategoryHealth & Fitness
DeveloperLdroid Team
Added4 years ago
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by On May 11, 2011
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Burn a calorie for your health!* How to use1. Input height and weight.2. Select a food.  (Exceed calorie is sent to the main screen.)3. Select a athletic.4. Touch a start button.* Tips1. A multiply selection at a food category will be supported for a paid version.  (A paid version have more foods and no ads.)2. Edit a food and an athletic contents for your proper condition at the free version. :)3. The program will not save your body information because it is a sensitive. :)4. An exceed calorie is sent from the action of a food choice screen.    The calculated exceed calorie is not recalculated, if you change height or weight after you have selected a food and an athletic.   (An exceed calorie is recalculated only when you select a food)5. The stop button will clear an elapsed time.* A merit of this program1. It is the most simple program in the earth. (except the andromeda!) 2. Definitely it is not use a server, and no save any information about personal information in a device.3. Four different languages(English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean).* Contactse-mail : vincentroid@gmail.comtwitter : @vincentroid*Keywordcalorie, burner, diet, food, health, basal metabolic rate, fat, athletics, sports, take a walk, jogging, my tracks, easy to use

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