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ーーー characters and well, Ru Deco appearance is "evil character camera" photos in Loei character ★ 's scaryDouble impact of the photo! !■ In a font such as handwriting, to be freely placed on a character to the photo■ choose the font, the Japanese support!■ Creating a simple and easy interface■ Photographic exchange messages or comments in the SNS mixi, twitter, facebook etc.■ The available alphanumeric characters (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana) (Alpha numeric)※ Korean and Chinese can not be displayedIn four easy steps, you can put a comment like I wrote by hand, if you like the gallery photos and images taken with the camera.° Д river river to take pictures m1 mSelect the font enter a comment m2 ° Д river river mDecide where you want to paste m3 river river Д ° m, After you adjust the sizeready to save the river m4 m ° Д river★ Coco "Camera evil character" is amazing! !`Adopt a Japanese font that covers the many characters Д '.) Roh Moo-hyun. If you enter, there is little I can not see the character.The comment `Д '.) Roh pasted in size and love it to the desired location. Or set at an angle, freelyEven a photo or image of `Д '.) Nomein, they can change the angle, scale`Font made Д '.) Roh can be" framing ".`It is also possible to write freely ♪ features Д '.) NopenFor character types ♪(Can enter in some fonts) Latin(Can enter in some fonts) Greek(Can enter in some fonts) Cyrillic(Some can be entered in the default font and Korean)(But you can enter part of the default font) Chinese

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