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Camera Pro helps you take picture better by supporting flexible composition layouts and a scale-able shooting frame. All functions are shown on screen. The image is saved with a custom size or a standard size that ready for sharing on almost web sites. Usages: - Move your camera and adjust the composition grid so that the subjects are fall in the crosses (called strong points in photography) and/or lines (called strong lines in photography) in order to have a good composition. Features:- Compositions aids with rotation (rule of thirds, golden ratio, triangles, Fibonacci spiral...).- Resize shooting area and crop images at shooting time.- Allow moving the shooting area on screen to select shooting area.- Touch on focus shape to auto focus- Touch shoot button to shoot immediately or long press it for autofocus before shooting- Save image as a custom size.- Easy to use- All features (Flash, Scenes, Effects, ISO, White Balance ) are shown on screen- Best photo quality- Small file size- Install on external storage (sdcard)- Support multiple screens

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