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Camera Stealth Mode.Buy now your version of the secret camera, you will take pictures of their families in situations not very common as their uncle or cousin wiping his nose and now you can take that picture now and he will know only when you show everyone will be a lot of fun.The imagination is the limit.The operation of the camera is very easy and of course no one will realize that you're taking a photo.That's right, the pictures are taken automatically and instead you see the pictures or someone Inquire what you're doing they just oped a screen with a ship and a star with this same scenario will think you are playing.To get you started beating the pictures just take two clicks on the screen of your phone it starts to hit the shots without using flash to anyone notice what you are doing to stop and just take two clicks again that the photos will no longer be taken , you will notice that when the ship is moving across the screen the pictures are being taken and when it is stationary will be take any photos.All your pictures are saved in SDCARD in the directory "/data/camerastealthmode".Buy now and have fun.Take pictures without anyone knowing.Buy now and enjoy yourself.Problem with devices below try safe mode.HTC AceHTC VivoHTC SagaHTC SpeedyHTC VisionHTC KingdomHTC GlacierTags - Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, Bubble Buster, Paper Toss, Retro Camera, Camera 360, Cut the Rope - Tags

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