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Camera Widget Trial (SpyCam)

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--- WARNING ---In some countries laws, it's prohibited cameras without the shutter sound. On devices of these countries the "silent shot" feature may not work (the device forces the sound).---------------Camera Widget is a great stealth/spy camera. Place it on your home screen with a custom icon and custom text. The shutter will be disguised as a widget.--- HOW CAMERA WIDGET WORKS ---You have to add it as a WIDGET. How can you do it?Each phone have your custom launcher, unfortunately you have to discover how you do it on your phone, but I'll describe the 2 most common ways.1 - Make a "LONG CLICK" on your home screen, then select "WIDGETS" and finally search this app name and select it.2 - Go to you app drawer, select "WIDGET" tab, find this app on the list and drag the icon to your home screen.After discovering how to add a widget you will have to set how your widget will look like. Choose the fake app name, the fake background and other options. Try various combinations!After setting up the widget, it will appears on your home screen! Just click on it to take a photo! PROFIT!Photos are stored in your External Storage on DCIM/Camera/ folder.Send me an e-mail if you are having problems with the app. I'll try to fix fast. Don't rate 1 star before it, please.

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