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* THIS IS A FREE DEMO VERSION AND IS LIMITED TO 5 MINUTE USAGES - IT IS NOT A FULL APPLICATION! *Stream video and audio from your Android device’s camera directly across your Wi-Fi network in real-time, to be viewed and remotely controlled in a web browser or on another Android device. Can be used as to spy on people, a serious surveillance device or just for fun!What will you LiveStream?* If you want to use this application as a baby monitor, then you should download “BabyCam Monitor” which is also from dooblou – it does everything this app does but has more features specific to monitoring babies safely. ** Full version is a 4.5 star top app in 'Photography' and the BEST LiveStream application available on the Android Market! *"The UI is well constructed: simple and intuitive ... easy to use, even for those who don’t have any previous experience ... the sound quality is good — not even a lot of real network cameras can deliver that much!" - AndroidPIT review - "Very Good"------FEATURES1. Stream real-time live video and audio from your Android device camera to a web browser;2. Can also stream directly to another Android device (in conjunction with SECuRET SpyCam);3. Very simple to use for everybody - no configuration needed and no intermediate/external servers involved; 4. Remotely control the camera! Take full resolution pictures and hi-def videos using the web browser (requires Android 2.2 or above); 5. Choose between the front and back camera (requires Android 2.3 or above and a front camera); 6. Disguise mode and touch screen locking so your device can't be detected; 7. Requires Java installed on the web browser computer; 8. Advanced settings to tweak performance;9. Choice of streaming resolutions; 10. Only uses a WiFi network – does NOT support 3G;11. LOTS more features in development.Please note this FREE DEMO version has certain restrictions on features, such as limited resolution options, black & white still photos, 5 minute timeout, limited video recording length, etc. Please do not rate low because of these limitations – it is after all just a FREE DEMO. Thanks :)------* Before emailing, check FAQs at ** Follow @dooblou on Twitter for all the latest news and updates as they occur ** Find us on Facebook – Search for ‘SECuRET’ *------Part of the SECuRET range of camera applications:- SECuRET SpyCam is a motion triggered camera application.- SECuRET LiveStream is a wifi-streaming camera appication.- SECuRET RemoteControl is a camera application controlled by SMS.------If you do have problems using this application on your WiFi network, it is most likely a configuration problem with your router/network. Please contact the developer if you have any questions and he may be able to help you ... but please don't rate low because your network isn't configured properly - that isn't the application’s fault ;)

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