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★ Cameras Taiwan is free application that allow you to watch cameras from Taiwan 中華民國★ Application contains 1.000 cameras (CCTV, live images, webcams) in first release !!!Cameras are grouped in several groups by number of highway/road, part of Taipei and similar.We have also have some of the cameras for Taichung, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Hsinchu ..Cameras are mostly traffic cameras but we have a few weather, panorama views and other types of cameras.You can search for a group or for camera inside selected group.✔ App have widgets for cameras, so you can place some of the cameras you use the most on your home screen. ✔ You can play/stop/change camera directly from your home screen.✔ You can see live camera preview for every camera in group simply by scrolling grid of camera.✔ Cameras for roads/highways are sorted by km✔ You can mark cameras as favorite for fast access when you need it later.✔ You can take image from any of camera with share button. Image will be saved on your SD Card and you can share it with any app that can share images.✔ You can choose between 5 color schemes (Menu->Colors)★★★If you like our app, like you shoud have too ;), share it with your facebook friends too:★★★

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