You can title, tag, date, comment, sort, organize, store, and share digitized notes. Also, search notes easily and conveniently on your Android device. Share your notes by e-mail, Internet Services and other applications.==============================[NOTES] V1.16.0 (2013/06/14)==============================?Support "Personal Protect" (bundled by Panasonic’s smartphone "ELUGA P")?Add import feature* You can directly scan and import notes from "Canon high speed document scanners" as well as take notes using camera feature. ?NOTES: THIS FEATURE WORKS WITH CaptureOnTouch Mobile V2.3 OR LATER.?About operation checked devices, please see [REQUIREMENTS].==============================[HOW TO USE/FEATURES]==============================?STEP1 "Photograph your notes to digitize them"Launch the app and snap your notes with the camera. CamiApp auto-corrects tilt and centers the image, cleanly digitizing it!?STEP2 "Organize your digitized notes"Add a title, photo date, creation date, tags, and comments to make searching a snap and organizing easy!?STEP3 "Share your digitized notes"Send the page right away in an e-mail, or upload to Internet Services with ease!* Cloud Sevices: Evernote, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Google Drive, SugarSync, SmartBiz+, MOIBLE GROUPWARE, Evernote Business?FEATURE1 "ACTION MARKERs"By using ACTION MARKERs, you can trigger actions like uploading notes to cloud services and sharing other apps, or adding a tag automatically when you snap your notes.?FEATURE2 "Edit your digitized notes"Use shape and pen tools to edit your image!?FEATURE3 Work with Scanner app.* Canon "CaptureOnTouch Mobile"- If you have Canon high speed document scanners, you can directly scan and import JPEG files to CamiApp via CaptureOnTouch Mobile.- You can quickly and easily not only scan but also tag notes, send notes via e-mail and upload to your favorite cloud services by making use of "scanner settings".?NOTES: THIS FEATURE WORKS WITH CaptureOnTouch Mobile V2.3 OR LATER.* PFU "ScanSnap Connect Application"- If you use this app, you can receive the captured JPEG file from ScanSnap Connect Application.==============================[REQUIREMENTS]==============================CamiApp app is designed for CamiApp notebooks and memo pads from KOKUYO S&T. Get them at your nearest KOKUYO S&T retailer.?TYPE OF NOTEBOOK[Twin Ring Notebook / Memo Pad]? (JAPANESE ONLY)[Notesbook]? (JAPANESE ONLY)[Loose leaf]? (JAPANESE ONLY)[Memo Pad]? (JAPANESE ONLY)?OTHER PRODUCTS compatible with CamiApp- Memo pad [SYSTEMIC]/[EDGE TITLE], Section pad, Whiteboard, LIFE HACK PLANNER[trystrams], Original Clear Holder, Job Searching note, Discussion Mat [MonoColla](KOKUYO Furniture), Whiteboard screen(KOKUYO Furniture), Meeting notebook(CamiApp)(Kaunet), ToDo Board[10min.](Kanmido), NIKKEI Business Pocket Dairy(Nikkei Publishing Inc.)?Operation checked with the following devices? (JAPANESE ONLY)* PLEASE NOTE THAT CamiApp IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANDROID DEVICES THAT DO NOT HAVE AUTO FOCUS CAMERA.* Recent improvement may add devices on which this app works. Also, you can try sample file.- sample file* Please review if this app works on your android device apart from the list above. We appreciate your help.?(OS2.1 ONLY) How to uplaod to SkyDrive* About OS2.1, you can upload to SkyDrive by using Intent feature.*EVERNOTE is a registered trademark or trademark of Evernote Corporation. *Dropbox is a trademark or a registered trademark of Dropbox, Inc. *Google Calendar, Google Drive are trademarks of Google, Inc. *SugarSync is a registered trademark of SugarSync, Inc. *SmartBiz+ is a trademark of ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation. *CaptureOnTouch Mobile is a trademark of CANON ELECTRONICS INC. *ScanSnap is a trademark of Fujitsu Computer Products of America. *ELUGA is a trademark of Panasonic Corporation.

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