Cancer ? What? Treat? Prevent?


Cancer It’s Health app for Cancer.In this app you can find about cancer like below. What is Cancer,classfication-of-cancer, signs-and-symptoms, causes-of-cancer,anti-cancer-diet, prevention-of-cancer, diagnostic-tests-cancer, types-of-treatment, chemotherapy, radiation-therapy, radiation-therapy-side effects, targeted-cancer-therapy, transplantation, cryosurgery, cancer-vaccines, gene-therapy, hyperthermia, lasers-in-cancer-treatment, photo-dynamic-therapy.You have an option share/send the above info please share about Cancer for your loved one.Note Avoid Smoke , Alcohal & Radation for good health.Good Health ForU.Note We are giving basic info for more you can find near by your Doctors/hospitals.It’s basic version we are coming with new version in very soon.ForU Naveen

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