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*** CAR CARE SECRETS - The most invaluable app to pamper your car the right way ***Do you have a nice car but no idea how to maintain it in showroom condition? Do you pay others lots of $$$ to wash your car only to get it returned with scratches, swirls, and cobwebs on the car surface? Ever wonder why, after a few short years, your clearcoat paint has started to peel?CAR CARE SECRETS will explain:1. What are the common problems found in car paint.2. How to remove and prevent water stains.3. How to wash the car correctly.4. How and when to clay the car.5. How to wax or apply sealant to the car.6. How to easily remove pet hairs from car seats.7. How to "rescue" your dead battery one last time.8. How to reduce child vomit and clean up the vomit and smell.9. How to remove cigarette smoke odor in the car.10.How to remove ball-point pen marks on carpet or many other useful tips.A collection of selected videos will show you the best techniques on how to pamper your car. Look out for more updates on guides, videos, products, tips, and the news on CAR CARE SECRETS.

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