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Fuel consumption- and cost-control the easy way!HIGHLIGHTS:===========✔ English and German✔ NEW ADDON: CURRENCY CONVERTER! 34 currencies, daily updated rates✔ Addon: DROPBOX SUPPORT for data synchronization of multiple Android devices or online-backup!✔ Supports multiple cars with gas (petrol/benzine), diesel or bi-fuel (LPG+gas) engines✔ Easy and flexible logging of refuelings, expenses, incomings, repairs and notes✔ Custom cost types✔ 9 summarizing cost groups to offer an unique cost overview✔ Payment schedules for periodic expenses (automated entries)✔ Multiple units: miles, kilometers; gallons (US or UK), litres; mpg, km/l, l/100km✔ Extensive statistics for fuel economy, distance, fuel data and expenses✔ Monthly, yearly and total amounts of cost types and cost groups, separated for running and total costs✔ 9 fuel consumption- and cost charts, touch-sensitive to show numeric values✔ Selectable date format and decimal number formats✔ Reminders (time and/or distance intervals)✔ Light and dark theme✔ Backup, export and import✔ Import from/export to iPhone versionYou may want to test the free DEMO before you buy the full version (all data will be transferred from the demo to the full version).Questions and suggestions please per email, the Application also includes an feedback function.DETAILS:========Logging of refuelings:----------------------✔ Input of total distance (odometer) or travel distance✔ Input of quantity+total costs, quantity+unit price or total costs+unit price✔ Partial refueling is supported✔ Logging of fuel station✔ Logging of motorway/city/road percentage✔ NotesLogging of expenses:--------------------✔ Unlimited number of user-defined expense types✔ 9 cost groups for summarizing similar cost types: fuel, credit/leasing, taxes/charges, assurances, repair/maintenance, cleaning/caring, accessories/tuning, other, incomings✔ Payment schedules: yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly, day/weekday and amount of automated entries are selectable; retrospective entries possible✔ NotesStatistics:-----------✔ Fuel economy with tendency, fuel costs separated by fuel sort✔ Total, monthly and yearly distance with road type percentage✔ Refueling: minimal, maximal and average of fuel economy, estimated range, quantity, distance, interval (days), costs and fuel price✔ Number of fuel stops and average fuel price for each fuel station✔ Cost types and expense groups: costs per distance unit, costs per month or per year (selectable) and total for each item✔ Car and/or period selectable (custom period with start- and end-date possible)Charts:-------✔ Charts: fuel economy, estimated range, total monthly costs (all expenses), monthly fuel costs, cost development (costs per usage time), cost structure (expense groups %), odometer reading, fuel price, costs per mile (kilometer)✔ Car and/or period selectable (custom period with start- and end-date possible)✔ Browsing through different charts with next- and back-buttons✔ Selectable scaling, option to show zero point, settings can be saved for each chart✔ Tap on data points to see numeric values (selected data point, average)Backup, export and import:--------------------------✔ Automatic backup to SDCard when App is paused or manual backup anytime ✔ Multiple backups by naming of backup files✔ Option to send backup attached per email✔ Restoring by selection of a manually created or the automated backup file✔ Export of refuelings and payments to SDCard in CSV format; option to send file attached by email✔ Import of fuel log entries or payments from SDCard (CSV files)Car expenses monitor, tank logbook Benzine tracker fuel management, fuel meterfuel log car cost control refuelin fuel trackermileage tracker, mileage log fill up monitor, car costs fuel economy fuel calculator tank log fill up tracker cost logging cost log, cost calculator cost monitor, car expense log car cost guard

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