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DashBoard Camera + Speedometer + GPS Tracker all in one.Check your actual speed and record your trip.While recording your trip you can make or receive phone calls and use other apps!!!.You can choose between miles per hour or kilometers per hour!!!Perfect for combined use with a GPS navigator.Acting as a blackbox, the app captures the events in your trip that you want to, or record the whole trip , while you can use other apps of your device.Also you can save the trip in a gpx file, that can be viewed in Google Earth.The settinngscreen of the app shows you all the settings that you can customize, the camera resolution, the interval lenght , the folder where the videos are stored and the state of the gps logger.IMPORTANT: -In interval mode , the app is recording videos in a loop. The videos are discarded and deleted while recording except for the last one finished , and the current one.The user can save the last one recorded and the current one recording (the interval) tapping the app notification, or after stopping the capturing.-if the app detetcs a big acceleration or deceleration, automatically saves the last interval.You can:-choose different camera resolutions supported by your device-choose the lenght of the interval, or continous recording -choose the folder where you want to save the videos(included the external sdcard)-enable or disable the gps logger, that saves the gps coordinates to a gpx file while the app is capturing.You can visualize your trip with Google earth with this file.How to use it:-Select the units you prefer, kilometers or miles(km/h or mph).-In the settings screen , customize the settings as you prefer.-Press start capturing, a preview will be displayed.-If you are ok with the resolution , touch the screen to start capturing, the preview is closed.-If NOT, slide your finger on the screen , the preview will be closed , you can choose another resolution and start again.-The capturing has started, now you can save the current interval by clicking the speed display or by opening the notifications , and tapping the app notification.You can block the screen or use other apps (some apps block the camera, the app will then ask you to stop them)-If you are done, press stop capturing , a dialog will be showed offering you to save the last interval.In continuous recording, the dialog is not showed because the recording is always saved.

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