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2.99 TO .99 SALE!!!Wouldn't it be nice if your phone could automatically send your significant other a message along the lines of "Sorry, honey! Can't pick up the phone, I'm in a meeting! I love you! XOXO <3" every time you missed one of his or her calls? Turns out that it can — with the help of a clever app. Car Tool Box, by Swello Applications can read spek respond to your text automatically. You can also text with your voice without even touching your phone!! Yes, this app is almost like a great secretary — except it won't bring you coffee. But somehow we can forgive that shortcoming in exchange for the ability to flaunt all of Car Tool Box features in the faces of iPhone users — who can only use similar apps if they jailbreak their devices.Car Tool Box has loads of other one of a kind features too.**CompassCar Tool Box has an a compass to tell you what direction you are going** Voice DialingCall any number without even touching your phone**GPS NavigationGPS Navigation across the world** Never forget Parking SpotWith This feature you will never forget where you parked again, the app will save your location and then with touch of a button guide you back at anytime**Address BookSave, and label locations for future returns!**Parking Meter CounterNever forget to refill your parking meter again by using Car tool Box Parking Meter Counter!!These are just some of the awesome features you will get when using Car Tool Box by Swello Application!Please view our website at www.swelloapplications.comor email us at** Car Tool Box Currently Featured On**Android App Dictions!: Android!: Words: Car Apps, Car Utilities: Utilities, Car Tool Box, Swello, Swello Applications, Kurt Bringsjord, Car Locator, Compass, Text to speech, Car Dashboard, Auto Text, Voice Dial, Navigation,

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