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‘Carbon 3R’ is all about simple practices and principles to further sustainability awareness and initiatives at home, work and community. Adapting to a greener lifestyle is worth it for all kinds of reasons and it’s the day-to-day actions, and the habits we cultivate, that matter most. Compost / Recycle / Landfill?============================Have you ever stared blankly at the blue, black and green trash cans and wondered where to dispose waste? Guide to Compost, Landfill and Recyclable Waste is now available at your fingertips for quick look-up and provides a categorized list of over 50 items. This feature encourages people to think about and be informed on where 'Waste' should actually go. Sustainable Lifestyle:=====================The 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle of sustainability is a very easy method for integrating actions and awareness. ‘Carbon 3R’ app aims to provide practical, politics-free, simple steps for living a more sustainable lifestyle. Get plugged into how you can make a big difference and reduce your carbon footprint. Click through the sustainability tips list and read about the green action plan.Green News:===========Catch up on the Green News Headlines of the world from Green RSS Feed channels - TreeHugger, Yahoo and New York Times. 'Carbon 3R - Sustainability Lifestyle' app version contains ads. Please send an email to the developer for any suggestions and updates to promote sustainable living.

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