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There are many international cardiology Scientific Meetings, Symposiums, Clinical Update Sessions and Congresses for many cardiac associations, communities and scientific groups. There are many special days, weeks, or months used to raise awareness of important cardiology topics. Cardiospace® calendar comes as initiative to present an easy access to cardiac care community to pre-schedule their timing as per events and locations, it provides you with a list of cardiology-related congresses, events and scientific meetings across the world. The meetings in this list are considered to be of a high enough quality to be of interest to cardiologists and cardiovascular physicians.However, you will find easy for you to brows into what ever your area of interest is either by specialty or location.Note : This calendar has been acquired by the official announcement of each event mentioned and might be subject to change in dates and locations accordingly.keywods: Cardio, Cardiology, Cardiovascular, Cardiospace

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