Cars, Planes and Trucks Pairs


A fun free, memory and picture pairs matching game for kids of all ages.Turn over the cars, planes and truck themed tiles to find matching pairs of images. Try and remember where the tiles are when you don’t match, as you might find it pair next time!Preschool, toddlers, kindergarden and young children will enjoy finding the matching pictures in the this educational childrens game.Cartoon vehicles pairs, each with their own sound effect will entertain and stimulate even youngest kids, and the 3 star reward system will keep kids coming back for more.There are 3 difficulty levels. Easy – 3 picture pairs, suitable for even very young childrenMedium – 6 matching pairs, which toddlers and preschool children will begin to find a challengeHard – 10 pairs, a challenge for kids10 colourful cartoon vehicles, including an Ambulance, Aeroplane, Car, Firetruck (Fire Engine), Motorcycle, Police Car, Rocket, Train, Truck & a HelicopterThe Bright colourful graphics will appeal to toddlers and preschoolers, the harder levels will appeal to all.Star rating system, try and get 3 stars by completing levels in as few turns as possible.Each Vehicle has it’s own realistic sound effect, kids love this feature.Develops recognition, concentration and memory.Comments below from earlier in the year mention inappropriate ads, I have now changed to an ad network that allows me to filter out inappropriate ads, so adult orientated ads will no longer be shown. If you still feel you would prefer to get rid of the ad’s altogether please consider buying the ‘pro version’.Cars and Trucks pairs Pro, also available, same game, no ads.

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