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<div id="doc-original-text" itemprop="description">!!! More than 3000 videos of your favorite Cartoons !!!<br>Enjoy all your favorite cartoon videos in a single app. <br>PLEASE UPDATE OLD VERSIONS AS THEY HAVE STOPPED WORKING DUE TO A RECENT UPDATE AT GOOGLE. WE HAVE MADE THE NECESSARY CHANGES IN THIS VERSION.<br>cartoon Videos App has a range of famous cartoons in different languages like – <p>ENGLISH<br>Tom & Jerry, Mr. Bean, Pink Panther, Noddy, Baby Looney Tunes, Shin Chan, Bernard Bear, <br>Kids vs Cat, Droopy, Barney Bear, Powerpuff girls, Popeye, Speed Racer, Pingu, Cowardly Dog<br>Pororo, Beyblade, Dennis the Menace, Dragon Ball Z, Batman, Ben 10, He-Man, Spiderman<br>Superman, X-Men Revolution<p>HINDI<br>Shin Chan, Doreamon, Oggy and Cockroaches, Chhota Bheem, Popeye, Cowardly Dog, Johny Bravo<p>KOREAN<br>Dooly, Simpsons, Pororo, Mask Man<p>ARABIC<br>Adnan_wa_lina, Alsanafer, Sally series, Sasuki, Sindbad, Yakari <p>SPANISH<br>Air Gear, Basilisk , Burst Angel, Candy candy, Dragon ballz GT, El panto, Initial D, Medabots, <br>Sakura Card Captor, Shinzo<p>GERMAN<br>Alfred J. Kwak, Beyblade G revolution, Beyblade metal fusion, Beyblade v Force, Beyblade, Familie Nikolaus, Igam Ogam, Mama Mirabelles, Yakari<p>FRENCH<br>Funky cops, Mask, Space Goofs<p>We have tried our best to ensure that you can watch these videos on slow internet connection.<p>****NOTE****<br>This app requires 2G/3G Internet Connection. Press the Refresh Button if you do not get list of videos due to poor internet connection or you get a message

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