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IMPORTANT NOTE!!! READ THIS OR ELSE =)Due to some changes to the Cash 4 Books server this application is no longer to pull pricing information from Cash4Books. Unfortunately because that was one of the main functions of this app, it is now nearly useless. I will be Unpublishing it from the Market shortly. I am trying to decide how best to notify current users of the situation (although if you’ve tried to use the app you’ve probably noticed already). I suggest instead of this you download the official Cash 4 Books application which can be located here: Their app has more functionality and looks much prettier than mine anyhow. I’d like to sincerely thank for opportunity that they gave me to develop this app. I was just starting out developing for Android and I greatly appreciated the ability to work on a tool that did something which at the time was more complex (and useful) than anything else I had created, the experience that I gained working on this app was invaluable at the beginning of my career. I would also like to thank anyone who used this application, I hope you found it useful.Sell your books in 3 easy steps.1. Scan book ISBN barcodes2. Ship for free3. Get Paid!Get instant price quotes for items Cash4Books is purchasing.Cash4Books is constantly updating their list of books being purchased, and the prices of those books. If you get one that we are not currently purchasing you may try again later.You must have Barcode Scanner installed for Cash4Books to work

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