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Bored at work? Need motivation? Cash counter counts your money as you make it. Simply enter your wage and hours and sit back and watch your money count up!Every wondered how much money your boss pays you to you browse the internet instead of doing that report you hate? Now you can find out! Stuck in a boring meeting? No problem! Motivate yourself by watching your cash grow!Get it now before it's copied by 10 zillion other Android hacks!WARNING: Cash may increase depressingly slowly. Unless you're a millionaire, in which case you probably don't need this app.Note: This is a WIDGET not an app! It won't appear in your app drawer. To install, go to your homescreen, press menu -> add -> widget. Select Cash Counter from the list which appears. Once the widget is on your screen, tap it to configure.FAQ:- Why?- I was bored mindless doing a temping job once and though this up.- It doesn't appear in my app drawer!- This is a widget so you've got to install it by pressing somewhere empty on your homescreen. The widget menu should pop up, and you can choose it from that.- But it doesn't appear in my app drawer and I haven't bothered to read this!- No problem, simply go to the Market and give it a really low rating along with a comment on how it doesn't work. Afterwards, uninstall it, leaving the comment and rating there forever. This will ensure anyone else interested in using the app will think it's broken!- It doesn't count!- The widget only counts during your work hours, after this it shows the total for the day. It should say 'Not working' at the bottom if it's not counting. If it doesn't then there's a problem! Please email and tell me.- It doesn't #$%*&*##&$ work on my Bluelans Sciphone / Kogan Agora / Kyocera Zio !- Feel free to contact me and vent your spleen. Please remember there's a lot of Android devices and I only have one to develop this on.- All this counting is draining my battery!- You can choose to update the widget every minute in the settings. This will drain your battery less. Note that this will stop the cool whirly counting effect, though.- I hate the notification messing up my nice tidy notification area!- Yeah, join the club. Unfortunately, Android recently changed the rules so any long-running program MUST show something in the notification area. Believe me, I hate it too and would love to get rid of it.. Just be glad I found a way to get rid of the status bar icon!- I've loaded the latest bleeding-edge mod onto my phone and, strangely, apps which run perfectly with normal, quality controlled Android manufacturer releases don't seem to work with this untested work-in-progress I found somewhere on the internet?- Please don't complain if apps don't work with your mod. I'm not going to overwrite my perfectly working manufacturer Android version to test if every new mod release works, sorry. Also, try Google:

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