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CashRegist mini helps small shop owners. It calculates the amounts and tax of items quickly, and logs sales transaction data like sales slips. This is a very simple cash register / till!Sytem requirements:1. Android 1.6 (or higher)2. Screen size 320x480 (or higher) recomended3. SD Card (data backup)Explain:1. Verifying preferences. ([Preference]) 1-1. Currency Symbol 1-2. Tax (%) 1-3. Decimal Places (Fraction is truncated) 1-4. Symbol of Decimal Point ("." or ",") 1-5. Calculating of change ("on" or "off") 1-6. Number of menus2. Editting Menu. ([Menu Edit]) CashRegist mini has max 9 menu groups, and each menu has 9 items. Please touch [Menu] button on the screen, then switch to other menu group.3. Inputting sales data. Please touch some item buttons. The input histories are displayed on the bottom of the screen. Finally touch the [Enter] button, if no miss found. CashRegist shows [Calculating change] screen, when you set "Calculating of change" to "on".4. Managing past logs. ([Browse Log]) Please touch a log file to browse, which is created per day. Please long touch a log file to delete/copy to SD card. (*) You should back up log files to SD card properly. (*) The log file is simply formatted text file. So, you can browse one in SD card on other PC easily.5. Correcting Sales Data. ([Minus Mode]) Since minus "-" symboles are added on each item, please touch buttons. (*) Minus sales data are added to log files.Caution) When CashRegist mini is uninstalled, log files on internal storage are deleted, but on SD card are keeped.

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