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Mouse Trap 98, Trial edition A classic 3 reel, 2 coin, slot machine with high quality graphics and with true casino payouts making it a real challenge to win. Each reel contains 32 possible slots giving a total number of 32768 combinations. The design payback on this machine is 98.5%, which applies to a large number of spins. For a small number of plays (100 coins/spins) the actual payback can vary from 50% to 600% depending on luck. See if you can beat the odds.Statistics page is included showing the percentage win or payback.The design payback level is a parameter normally selected by the casino operator and determines the profit of the particular machine. The higher the payback percentage, the more money is returned to the customer on average and the lower the casino hold or profit on the machine.There are three machines in the Mouse Trap series (MT) providing three different payback configurations (high 98%, medium 93%, low 85%) so that users can choose and evaluate the impact of the payback parameter in their play. This is a standalone version of the game, no advertisements and no network usage. In the trial edition, play is limited to 300 credits.

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