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<div id="doc-original-text" >Adaptxt – Intelligent Keyboard! Faster, Smarter & Fluid texting in 40 Languages<p>___________________________________________________________<br>Diccionari de Català per Adaptxt! Ara, DE FRANC, només per un temps limitat! Gràcies a Predictive Text 2.0, Adaptxt aprèn el seu estil d’escriptura perquè la seva experiència d’entrada sigui personalitzada. Els suggeriments, les correccions i els diccionaris són d’una qualitat inigualable perquè l’entrada de text sigui més fàcil al seu Android, tant si és de pantalla tàctil com si no. <p>Si voleu utilitzar el complement de Català, heu d’instal•lar primer l’aplicació Adaptxt que trobareu aquí: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <p>Catalan add-on dictionary for Adaptxt! Now completely FREE for a limited period only! Adaptxt is the most adaptive solution for all your Android text input frustrations. <p>Powered by Predictive Text 2.0, Adaptxt provides you with unparalleled quality of suggestions, corrections and language dictionaries to help you with text input on your Android touchscreen and hard keyboard phones. <p>To use the Catalan add-on, first install the Adaptxt application from here: <br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><p>Type less, text more often with Adaptxt!! <p>Adaptxt brings you an ‘out of the world’ text input experience with:<br>- Truly ‘Clutter-Free’ Keyboard to appease your fingers and eyes<br>- Ambient Artificial Intelligence that learns your texting style for a truly personalized experience<br>- Next Word Predictions to save you more than two-thirds of keystrokes<br>- Multilingual suggestions for your language palette<br>- Auto Correction where Adaptxt intelligently, but contextually, corrects all your typing errors<br>- Quick revert and dismiss option to help you make even faster decisions as you type ahead with auto correction on<br>- Error Corrections offered to you on the fly, as you keep making those oh-so-common spelling mistakes while typing ?<br>- Word Completions where Adaptxt thinks ahead to save your precious keystrokes<br>- A delectable coverage of more than 40 language dictionaries<br>- Very thoughtfully created industry-specific dictionary add-ons such as Business, Medical, Law, IT & Telecoms, and Finance, to suit your out-of-the-box needs<br>- Voice Input support<br>- Compact keyboard support to enable efficient touch typing<br>- Classic keyboard support: QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Cyrillic and Greek!<p>Get Adaptxt, Get Addicted!<p>Visit us at our support forum: for queries and issues if faced.<br>Drop by at our FAQ section to find answers to your common queries:<p>To enable Adaptxt keyboard, go to “Language and keyboard” settings after installation, and check the “Adaptxt” box. Then long press in any text input area until a popup menu appears; Select &quot;Input Method&quot;, and choose &quot;Adaptxt&quot; from the list.<p>Adaptxt Language Delights – In-App downloads or from the Android Market:<p>Basque – Euskara | Belarusian – Беларуская<br>Bulgarian – Български | Catalan – Català<br>Croatian – Hrvatski | Czech – Čeština<br>Danish – Dansk | Dutch – Nederlands<br>English (US) – English (US) | English (UK) – English (UK)<br>Estonian – Eesti | Filipino <br>French (FR)- Français | French (CA) – Français (CA)<br>Finnish – Suomi | German- Deutsch<br>Galician – Galego | Greek – Ελληνικά<br>Hausa | Hinglish<br>Hungarian – Magyar | Icelandic – Íslenska<br>Indonesian – Bahasa Indonesia | Italian- Italiano<br>Latvian – Latviešu | Lithuanian – Lietuvių<br>Malay – Bahasa Melayu | Norwegian – Norsk<br>Polish – Polski | Portuguese (BR)- Português (BR) <br>Romanian – Română | Portuguese (PT)- Português (PT)<br>Russian – Русский | Serbian – Srpski<br>Slovak – Slovenčina Spanish (ES) – Español (ES)<br>Spanish (LA) – Español (LA) | Slovenian – Slovenščina<br>Swedish – Svenska | Turkish – Türkçe<br>Ukrainian – Українська | Vietnamese – Tiếng Việt <p>Welcome to the Adaptxt Elite Club!</div>

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