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With this application you can categorize your stuff (Contacts from phone, applications from phone, DVD, movies, books, URLs, friends, etc) and tag them to search among them as fast as possible.Contacts' import read organization and groups.You can import or export your databases in CSV file so input or oupfile editable easily with an Excel application or a text editor.Free version has limitation:- Up to 3 database- Up to 3 hierarchies (not endpoint level) - except build-in templates- Up to 100 keyword in the system exclude contacts and applications- AddsDonators get following features:- No database number limit- No hierarchy limit (up to 7 keyword, see manual)- No keyword restriction- No AddsHistory:v1.0.1- Rotation bug fix- Back and Shortcut bug fixv1.0- Feedback feature powered by Crittercism- Shortcut creation on main screen to access databases directly- Online built-in forum with likable feautresv0.13- bug fixes (v0.12 crashed by starting)- fast dump (copy database into/back from dump directory)- application auto refresh by installing and uninstalling- level sorting- incremental searchingv0.12:- grid view- dynamic change list or grid view- some UI improvements (progress bar,Fragment,ActionBar usage)- speeding up import (transaction usage)- rewrite internal processingv0.11.2:- speed up startupv0.11.1:- Support tabletsv0.11:- Applications template creation and synchronization (you cannot update, insert a delete any apps in phone database! No risk to try it out).- In FREE version you can read all of contacts and applications (see new restriction for excluded keys)- 3 database in FREE verion instead of 2v0.10:- Contacts template creation and synchronization (you cannot update, insert a delete any contacts in phone database! No risk to try it out).- Import organization and groups (no further synch just importing these values)- Click on phone number to start call or long click to send SMS- AndExplorer dependency check bugfixKnown Bugs:- during importing and node editing the process starts again; do not rotate device- if you use free version and not all of contacts importing the searching repeats some nodes; use full version- contacts export and data import are not tested at allv0.9.3:- Getting Started in About usv0.9.2- import database bug fixv0.9.1- Market comming out- Dynamic field and hierarchy management via import- Up to 7 keywords level- Multi keyword level (the limit is only the performance)- CSV export, import possibility- hierarchical, easy handling- hierarchical filtering- keyword filtering- URL fields - delicious links

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