Caveman 2


Fun and addictive adventure game.????? “Fun for the whole family and a way to pass time” -by Su????? “Funy game! It is a real funny game! Worth to try!” -by RemiSTORY: Let’s go back to the Stone Age, and look how the caveman survive from the dangerous dinosaurs. In this game, your task is to help the caveman use the weapons such as stone and back knife to kill the dinosaurs and the king of the forest, Have with the exciting game.TIPS:- Try to jump over the cliff- Double jump to jump higher- Long press fire button to charge energe- Reward more meal with a nice combo kill!- Get items to have more weaponsFEATURES:- Multi-touch- Gorgeous game graphics- Leaderboards- Super Tablets——————-* Please email us if you have any feedback or meet any problem, thank you very much!* If you like Yoo Ninja, Devil Ninja, devil ninja2,caveman or this category of games, you will like this game.Tag:caveman2,caveman,devil ninja,devil ninja 2,devil ninja 3tablets games, caveman for tablets,caveman tablest,dinosaur island,dino island.

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