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<div id="doc-original-text">Who playes Captain Picard in Star Trek: the next generation ? (Patrick Stewart)<p>Celebrity quiz game will test your knowledge of VIPs in the 20th century.<p>Contains over 1000 questions. Most of them are considered ? hard ? questions, so be careful.<p>? FREE WITH NO ADS ?<p>Example questions:<p>? Who playes Captain Picard in Star Trek: the next generation ? (Patrick Stewart)<br>? Born Aug 25, 1930, He starred in this movie: The Name of the Rose – 1986 (Sean Connery)<br>?????<br>You have only 20 seconds per question on a 20 questions set<br>?????<br>From Oprah to Madonna and from Barack Obama to Monica Bellucci questions.<p>keywords: Oprah,Madonna,Angelina Jolie,Nicole Kidman,Jennifer Aniston,Maria Sharapova,Jessica Simpson,Tyra Banks,Cate Blanchett,Sandra Bullock,Julia Roberts,Serena Williams,Scarlett Johansson,Jessica Alba,Reese Witherspoon,Heidi Klum,Rosie O

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