CellMapper is an application used to both map out and view cell phone provider coverage. It does this by collecting data via crowd-sourcing while you use the application (opt-in). Once data is received by the server, it will take a few hours to update.Since the application is used by many users, chances are network map for your provider are already available under the "Map" and the CellMapper main site. CellMapper also provides an offline, locally calculated, map if you do not wish to submit anonymous network information. If you change your mind, you can always upload this data at a later date.CellMapper works on both tablets (with or without radio) and cell phone. The map is available in Android 2.2 and later due to Maps API only supporting this version of Android or later.Features- Displays map of mapped (or calculated) towers, and currently connected tower- Displays advanced CellID info (LTE: RSRP, RSRQ, SNR, CQI, Timing Advance for LTE-TDD. CDMA: ECIO, EVDO ECIO, SNR)- Advanced processing of data if is uploaded to the site (per sector coverage, signal trails, advanced cell tower location triangulation) (optional)- Local calculation of cell tower points (enable feature in Change Provider dialog)- Support for both Google Maps and OpenStreetMapsNote: Advanced data, which is displayed by default, is calculated every few hours due to the processing power required. Your results should be available in about 3 hours. Lower quality, instant, data is available right away.Currently supported networks:- GSM- UMTS- CDMA (limited, many phones do not implement the API correctly)- LTEFor any bug reports, please use the forum on the above site. Do not post in the comments section, as I have no way to contact you to get more information.To start contributing, simply go into the Settings screen and enable "Live Upload." Once this is enabled, simple press the home button and CellMapper will run in the background and send data as you move. You can always close CellMapper by using the menu and selecting exit on the main screen.Latest ChangesNew in 2.7.3:- Certain common errors now shown without having to click "OK"- Fixed some grammatical errors on certain dialogsNew in 2.7.2:- Fixed stored data upload stopping at 1/2 way pointNew in 2.7.1:- Fixed a crash when refreshing map and your internet connection is suddenly disconnectedNew in 2.7.0:- Added support for satellite/terrain along with Open Street Maps- Fixed an issue where the line to the tower would appear below the signal tilesNew in 2.6.1:- Fix 3G tablet supportNew in 2.6:- Improved map refreshing to occur less often- Improved accuracy/speed of "snap to location"New in 2.5:- Completely new layout based on fragments, now you can swipe to move to different screens- Locally calculated maps (see the "Change Provider" dialog for details)- Local database which stores data for later upload if you choose not to enable live uploading- Now supports tablets without a cell radio!View your results at CellMapper.net

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