Censorshit – Add a giant list of swear words to your Android AutoCorrect dictionary in one go!Do you swear a lot? I sure as shit do. And I always get pissed off when I go to type a swear word and BAM! "Daffodil." So here’s an app that will automatically add 94 swear words to your user dictionary, so you don’t have to!Please note that this adds words to the built-in Android user dictionaries. This means that it will work if and only if the keyboard you are using uses the built-in Android user dictionary. The following keyboards have been tested and will DEFINITELY work:Stock Android keyboardMotorola Multi-touch keyboardUltra KeyboardTouchPal Keyboard (NOTE: Works with normal typing in TouchPal, does NOT work with "Curve" [i.e. "swiping", like in Swype]. So you can type "motherf" and it will predict "motherfuck", "motherfucker", "motherfucking" for you, but if you use the new "Curve" feature and try to swipe the word, it won’t give you any of those suggestions. D’oh!)Some 3rd party keyboards from the market operate a little differently. They have their own protected user dictionaries, but the first time you install the keyboard, it will copy the stock Android dictionary to their own dictionaries. Swype and GO Keyboard both work like this. So the procedure for Swype and Go Keyboard is:1) Uninstall Swype/Go Keyboard2) Install Censorshit and add the words to the dictionary3) Reinstall Swype/Go KeyboardSorry for the faff, but that’s the only way I could get it to work consistently with those apps.It will DEFINITELY NOT work on the following keyboards:HTC Sense keyboardSwiftkeyPLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU WANT TO USE SWIFTKEY OR THE HTC SENSE KEYBOARD AS IT WILL NOT WORK!!! These use their own protected dictionaries which this app can’t add to. Sorry, but for the love of god don’t waste your money on this app if you use those keyboards!!! If it doesn’t work on your keyboard, PLEASE tell me what keyboard, phone and ROM (if it isn’t stock) you are using, so that I can list it in here to warn others! Thanks :)List of swears it will add: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aBMMVNBEEWL2Tb_PruIOZjlnxaofWiEIK-AfItgRXqY/edit?hl=en_GBIf you want more words please leave a comment below with the swear word you want in it 😉

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