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Century War of Cats is a stratage game that is easy to learn but hard to master. Can you beat our stage?The purpose of the game is to take all the enemy territory and kill every soldier to win.Here is the basic tutorial for playing. There are also tutorial video on youtube for reference.Please search "Century war of cats"There are some territory on the field for each player. There is a village on the territory. Each emply hexagon in the territory will provide 1 food income each turn but an isolated hexagon will not have village on it and will not provide any income.Click on the territory to display detail panel, which will tell you the total food you have, the territory's total food income, the maintenance cost for army and the net food income this turn. Each territories' income and expense is calculated separately.The hexagon with vegetation means it's abandoned land and will not provide food income next turn. Each turn the vegetation will expend slowly so it will be a disaster if you choose to ignore it.You will be able to buy units When there's enough food stock. The most important unit is the white cat - basic villager unit. You can drag and drop the villager to take over enemy land or remove vegetation on you own territory. Once a unit chooce to take over land or remove vegetation, they will not be able to move until next turn.If the food stock is not enough for villagers in the territory, the villagers will starve to death next turn and become gravestone. Gravestone is like vegetation which will remove the income for one hexagon. The abandoned gravestone will turn into vegetation in next turn.There are 4 units in the game:White cat: Lv1Black cat: Lv2Tiger: Lv3Lion: Lv4And 4 buildings:Village house: Lv1Granary: Lv1Farm: Lv0Castle: Lv2Location for unit to move:You can place your unit at the hexagon near the selected territory. Moving to hexagon that is not connect to selected territory directly is not allowed. You can place unit at any hexagon in the select territory freely.During the battle:Lion > Tiger > Castle = Black cat > Village House = Granary = White cat > FarmEach unit can defend the surrounding hexagon in the territory. You can only attack enemy unit or their occupied land if you have higher level unit. If you take over enemy land and connect your 2 territories, the old village house will merge into the new territory. The food in both territories will also merge into one. One complete territory will only have one village house.If the old village house is destoried or the territory is divided into 2 parts, new house will automatically be created on random hexagon in the territory. This will keep repeating until the territory is no longer exist.It's easy to summon high level soldier, just do some basic addition:Lv1 white cat + Lv2 white cat = Lv2 black cat.Lv1 white cat + Lv2 black cat = Lv3 tiger.Lv2 black cat + Lv2 black cat = Lv4 lion and so on.Buildings in game play an important role. Castle provide basic defense at beginning. Farm provide extra 1 food for the territory. Granary increase the farm's income by one near it. Use the castle to protect the supply line is the easiest way to victory.There are some transparent hexagons represent shallow sea, which mean you can fill them with dirt. Sometimes filling up the sea will provide extra strategy route. Pay attention to the position of shallow sea and plan your attack and defense according to it.You still here? Then you've prove that you have enough patient and wisdom to play our game. The game is hardcore so prepare yourself. Are you ready? then click download and start your battle now!

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