Cessna 172 Checklist FULL


On Sale! On Sale!For a mere $0.99 USD you can have an electronic checklist for Cessna 172. If you are a pilot and fly a Cessna 172, this is a must have. It covers from ‘Preflight’ to emergency procedures. Every item has an audio file associated with it which are played when going through the checklist. Users must purchase through PayPal and acquire an activation code to use the application.** Instructions: *When the application is ran for the first time, please purchase the app through paypal and enter activation code to activate it. *After activation is complete please let the app download the sound files. It shouldn’t take long. *Let the application finish the installation process then enjoy the app. Thank you. **All purchases are PayPal secure and are offered with PayPal’s strict purchase protection policies. You do not need to be a member of PayPal to use their services.Email: DrKuhnert@pilots-without-borders.comWebsite: http://www.pilots-without-borders.com/

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