CET 2008 Solved Exam Paper


Test your Physics, Chemistry , Maths and Biology Skills (For 18 years / 12th Grade). Includes 240 aptitude questions of CET 2008. Highly recomended for 12th Grade students (2nd PUC) for Common Entrance Test (CET Exam Karnataka).Download more CET/AIEEE/IIT Apps from Andorid Market. https://market.android.com/search?q=specadel. For updates on new app releases write to us at ms@specadel.com.Share questions, answers , results to your friends via email, facebook, mms , twitter etc.Enlarge images , formulas . See education related adsTest/Practice/Quick View your preparation for CET Exams 2011.For more information contact http://www.specadel.comVisit our Facebook page today!… http://www.facebook.com/pages/Specadel-Mobile-Study/246037672079314Also download Career Edge Mock CET Papers Now !Also download CET 2010/CET 2009 app from Android Market.Capters IncludePhysics:Geometrical optics.Physical optics.Electrostatics.Current electricity.Atomic physics.Chemistry:Metallurgy 2.Industrially important compounds.Group 18 noble gas.d – block elements.Coordination compounds.Chemical bonding 2.Chemical kinetics.Electrochemistry.Theory of dilute solution.Chemical thermodynamics.Colloids.Solid state.Concepts in organic chemistry.Synthetic organic chemistry.Isomerism.HydrocarbonsHaloalkanes.Organic compounds containing oxygen.Aldehydes and ketones.Monocarboxylic acid.Amines.Carbohydrates.Oils and fats.Amino acids and proteins.Maths:Elements and number theory and consequences.Matrix and determinants.Groups.Vectors.Circle.Conic sections.Inverse trignometry. General solutions . Complex numberdifferentiation.Application of derivative. Maxima and minimaInfinite integral. Definite integral and application, Different equations.Biology:PART- I – BOTONYI .General biology topics: B1. Molecular biology.B2. Biotechnology.II. Botony topics.B3. Plant histology and Anatomy. Plant physiology.B4. Water relation of plants.B5. Bioenergetics.B6. Growth and growth regulators in plants.PART – II – ZOOLOGYIII. General topicsZ1. Genetics.Z2. Biodiversity.IV. Zoology topics:Z3. Man in health and diseases.Z4. Continuity of lifeThis software is developed using Specadel Mobilestudy, A content delivery platform for Smartphones and Tablets

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