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This book contain collection of 2 books1. Westward Ho!, a novel [1855]2. The Water-Babies / illustrated by Jesse Willcox Smith [1863]About the AuthorCharles Kingsley, 1819-1875Novelist and historian, son of a clergyman, was born at Holne Vicarage near Dartmoor, but passed most of his childhood at Barnack in the Fen country, and Clovelly in Devonshire, educated at King’s College, London, and Cambridge Intended for the law, he entered the Church, and became, in 1842, curate, and two years later rector, of Eversley, Hampshire.In the latter year he published The Saints’ Tragedy, a drama, of which the heroine is St. Elizabeth of Hungary. Two novels followed, Yeast [1848] and Alton Locke [1850], in which he deals with social questions as affecting the agricultural labouring class, and the town worker respectively. He had become deeply interested in such questions, and threw himself heart and soul, in conjunction with F.D. Maurice and others, into the schemes of social amelioration, which they supported under the name of Christian socialism, contributing many tracts and articles under the signature of "Parson Lot." In 1853 appeared Hypatia, in which the conflict of the early Christians with the Greek philosophy of Alexandria is depicted; it was followed in 1855 by Westward Ho, perhaps his most popular work; in 1857 by Two Years Ago, and in 1866 by Hereward the Wake. At Last [1870], gave his impressions of a visit to the West Indies. His taste for natural history found expression in Glaucus, or the Wonders of the Shore [1855], and other works. The Water Babies is a story for children written to inspire love and reverence of Nature.

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