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Update your location to SpotterNetwork and ChaserTV automatically. Open it up set your SN and CTV logins in the settings, close it down and it runs in the background. Rock Solid. Run it for months! Updates your location, speed, and direction to SpotterNetwork and ChaserTV iMap just like the windows clients. For ChaserTV users, the beauty here is that you don't have to run the Webcam Max splitter or the iMap client. This app even shows you your current viewer count when you start streaming video. You only need to run the Adobe Encoder to live stream. Putting alot less load on your laptop. Set update times from 2 minutes to longer. Also use the Celltower triangulation instead of GPS to save on battery power. Checkboxes to post to CTV and/or SpotterNetwork - you choose. See how many viewers you have with the main screen display that updates automatically or see how your viewer count is going by pressing the Viewer Graph button.Also includes a button to launch the SpotterNetwork Reports page in your cell phone browser. Authenticate once and save your cookies in the browser and it will launch into the Reports page with your GPS coordinates already filled in.In Settings add your SpotterNetwork Spotter ID to the setting menu. Be sure to add your encoded number/characters, not your Name or Callsign.Designed to be a compliment to Rapid Report for Storm Chasers. Chaser Location is the official Android client app for SpotterNetwork.2012 All Rights Reserved - Apexice

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