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Carefully transport your wagon avoiding Robber Check!Check Lay is a new type of chess game in which the player transports his wagon using rules from the original chess game.The wicked robber Check and his gang appeared out of nowhere.Continual mission failures are threatening our survival.No failures are allowed anymore. You are the only one who can protect all of us.With your unsurpassed strategies, get the gang and your meal!How to play1) Taking turns, the goal is to transport the wagon and reach the castle using the rules from chess.2)The players' moving range can be known from their names.(ex. Nancy pawn can move up 1 square ; just as the original pawn's moving range.)3)Adrian wagon is the bait.After the player activate his Adrian wagon, the player choose one of his subordinates to take charge of the wagon, and lure the enemies.Adrian wagons are the only wagons that can go into enemy's territories.If the Check gang comes to rob your Adrian wagon, they're probably laying itself open for attack.(Using Adrian wagon: Click on wagon -> Click (ok) -> select one person in charge -> Use Adrian wagon)

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